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Japanese battleship Musashi has been found

World War II battleship USS Iowa (BB-61) arrives in San Pedro, Ca.

USS Flier, lost in 1944 has been found!

World War II submarine, USS Wahoo found  Photos!

Missing World War II sub found with 42 entombed sailors

Navy confirms, sunken submarine is USS Grunion  Photos!

Most popular new titles

Wake of the Wahoo (below) - USS Wahoo - new Softbound





The Death of the USS Thresher (below) - USS Thresher - new Softbound

The Ship That Would Not Die (below) - USS Laffey -new Softbound

All Hands Down (below) - USS Scorpion - new Hardback

Most popular rare and out-of-print titles 

A Glorious Way To Die (below) - Battleship Yamato - used Hardback

Lost Subs (below) - used Hardback

Blind Man's Bluff (below) - American submarine espionage - used Hardback

Silent Victory (below) - used Softbound

Famous battles

Battle of the Atlantic - 1939 to 1945

Cold War - from 1949

Battle of the Coral Sea - 1942

Battle for Guadalcanal - 1942

Battle for Iwo Jima - 1945

Battle for Leyte Gulf - 1944

Battle for Midway Island - 1942

U-boat / Atlantic World War I - 1914 to 1919

Famous submarines

USS Bowfin  (SS-287)

USS Flasher  (SS-249)

Kursk  Russian submarine

USS Nautilus  (SSN-571)

USS Scorpion  (SSN-589)

USS S-5  (SS-110)

USS Tang  (SS-306)

USS Thresher  (SSN-593)

USS Wahoo  (SS-238)

U-977  German U-boat

Famous ships

Bismarck  German battleship

USS England  (DE-635) American destroyer escort

Lusitania  British passenger liner

PT-109  American PT-boat

SS Andrea Doria  Italian passenger liner

USS Franklin  (CV-13) American aircraft carrier

USS Houston  (CA-30) American cruiser

USS Indianapolis  (CA-35) American cruiser

USS Juneau  (CL-52) American cruiser

USS Laffey  (DD-724) American destroyer

Yamato  Japanese battleship

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