Thomas Walkowiak has assembled as masterpiece of  technical data and photographs dealing with the American Fleet Submarine of World War II. This impressive and informative book covers Gato, Balao and Tench class boats which had the greatest successes in the Pacific War against the Japanese. Listing all boats by name and hull number beginning with SS-212 USS Gato concluding at SS-525 USS Grenadier. Eighty-two detailed photos from nearly every imaginable angle––and technical information on each class with commission and decommission date or final fate on every submarine. Some of the interesting technical areas include; guns, torpedoes, radar, periscopes, sonar, and propulsion. A must-have for anyone interested in these historic U.S. submarines. The middle section includes a large double-page fold-out showing a labeled cut-away of a Fleet Submarine. Front cover is the work artist Tom Freeman—the back is color photos of USS Pampanito (SS-383).

   This is a new softbound book, 10 3/4 X 8 1/4 inches. 48 pages, 82 black and white photographs and 18 diagrams.

New Book --- $9.95

ISBN # 0-933126-72-7

Above photo: Drydock view from the stern of USS Rasher (SS-269) in December 1944.


Above photo: Bridge and shears of USS Remora (SS-487). Photo was taken in 1946.

Note: Photos below appear in the book.


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Warship's Data Special


 by Thomas F. Walkowiak

 New Softbound, 10 3/4 X 8 1/4

 48 pages, 82 black and white photographs, 18 diagrams

 New  $9.95

Above photo: USS Hammerhead (SS-364) at her launching in 1943.

Above photo: A close-up photo of the bridge of USS Trigger (SS-237) taken August 1944 during her refit. Trigger was lost March 1945.



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About the Author

Thomas F. Walkowiak is the owner of "The Floating Drydock," which was founded in 1973. He has written books on U.S. Navy subjects, such as "US Navy Camouflage of WW2" and Warships Data books on the "USS Kidd (DD-661)," "Destroyer Escorts" and "Fleet Submarines." Walkowiak has authored articles for various magazines on Naval ordnance and Naval camouflage. He produced several hundred drawings for model ship builders and made ship illustrations for many other books and publications. Thomas is a member of the U.S. Navy Reserves and served active during the Vietnam War on destroyers, aircraft carriers and submarines.